Getting So Emulsional, Baby!

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So I’m finally dusting off the equipment I bought last summer and setting up a screen printing studio in my garage.

It’s not a for-profit concern. Just a little hobby and hopefully some t-shirt activism (the most effective form of activism, I’m told).  OK, so t-shirts and tote bags are never going to change the world, but you have to wear clothes and carry things so you might as well use the space to say something worthwhile.

More about what I’ll be making anon. Now I’m focused on getting everything up and running.  Rather than spend several hundred dollars on a light table for exposing screens (that would be silly), I spent several hundred dollars buying supplies so I could build my own using bits of wood scavenged from my garage. Much better.

Here’s the finished thing.  Well, mostly finished.  I’m going to put in some racks for screens underneath.  And I have to take the sticker off the glass.

Rolling Exposure Table

And here’s a demo by the lovely and talented Lily Mae as the table neared completion.


I’m currently in the process of building a portable darkroom out of conduit, blackout fabric, and Velcro.  I will post more about that later.

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