Number 1: The Laundry

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Any socks thrown into the corner in disgust after an investigatory sniff to determine if they’re still okay to wear are, after 8 days, generally fine and totally in play.

This seems to be the result of a sort of Brownian movement of garments around the floor during the interval that simulates the agitation of the modern washing machine.

Stink particles, when presented no preferable alternative, tend to jump from the more crowded garments onto a passing t-shirt or, for preference, those khakis that you only wear on your infrequent business trips and usually wash before you leave anyway because, well, you never know your luck on the road and it pays to smell nice.

The net effect is that no single garment is overwhelmingly offensive and can, therefore, be safely warn provided you’re not going anywhere where you have to take off your shoes or give hugs.

On the topic of Brownian movement, next week I will discuss how to get the most mileage out of your drawers.

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